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Professional Project Planning is your dependable and knowledgeable partner. Our planning tools help you to manage your project
and keep costs down.

What makes us stand out



Professional Project Planning is built on a proven track record in business processes, communication and the planning discipline. Along with our multifaceted reporting techniques, modern presentation methods and ability to incorporate and apply the latest insights, our extensive experience offers you an excellent basis for all your project planning needs.



The preparatory work demanded by a given project will determine how much time and concentration is needed to develop a robust and high-quality planning. Once the planning has been established, maintaining it becomes a relatively simple matter when the planner embraces it as his own. This means that continuity is of interest to all parties. Professional Project Planning strives for an integrated and sustained planner-partner collaboration, and is prepared to assume long-term commitments.



Good planning is an art, and in the present conditions makes high qualitative demands. Our educational background and special training, focused software and extensive network have helped us to master this art. Our high-quality plannings allow us to perform quick and flawless analyses to guide the project process as needed.



Professional Project Planning has more than ten years of experience in a variety of sectors (e.g. infrastructure, railway, ICT, gas and oil, energy), for employer as well as employee stakeholders. This diversity places a wide array of proven solutions and best practices at our disposal.



We value long-term relationships. In fact, our collaboration with one particular company extends back more than ten years. Contact us to be introduced to our satisfied customers, and form your own impression.



We collaborate with companies from a variety of backgrounds. Our clientele includes both employers and employees. Through employers we often get
in touch with their employees, and
vice versa. The company logos
above offer you a sample
of our client basis.

Our philosophy of planning

Almost everyone makes a planning at one time or another in his or her life. A simple planning can be organised in your head. If it involves multiple actions or an intricate order, it can help to put things down on paper.

But if every action step involves multiple sub-actions, if their order is decisive for the timeline and if a proper approach can save (much) time and money, a planner will be of help to you—especially if the final product

involves a variety of disciplines. The planner’s specialised software, quick multi-layered insight and thorough analyses can turn a planning into a powerful guiding tool.

“To choose time, is to save time”
Francis Bacon (scientist, politician, philosopher)

The actions in a project can be compared to the blocks in the game Tetris. As long as the blocks remain logically organised, you have an overview and the ability to look ahead. But if you neglect the planning, a project may overwhelm you and leave you powerless to steer it. This demonstrates how much a project team stands to gain from a good planner who performs penetrating analyses and makes timely proposals for improvement. Good planners save more money than they cost. A comprehensive overview is a must for

ordering (or levelling) the blocks. Time cannot be isolated from other management aspects, but is directly related to cost, scope and quality.

Planning involves also organisation (e.g. resources and work packages), information, surroundings and safety. All of these aspects comprise risks which may impact the planning.Finally, an essential role is also played by the coherence of all management aspects.


The translation of our planning philosophy into practice is best demonstrated by the Deming Circle (see below). Using this circle we determine what action our clients may expect from their planner in each phase, and what this action is going to deliver. The planner’s tasks are identified in consultation with our clients. Given our independent position, we can make our clients’ interests our first and foremost concern.



Professional Project Planning’s clients value us because they see that our services deliver the well-oiled machine they need. Pleasant collaboration may not be a goal in itself, but still forms an essential part of a good planning. We offer you:


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